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Men's Swim Shorts

Stand out at the beach with Calvin Klein's swim shorts for men. Striking designs. Premium materials. The iconic CK logo. Calvin Klein swimming shorts promise quality and comfort for endless fun in the sun. Available in black and white, as well as eye-catching colours. Soak up the sun, ride the waves, or play beach volleyball with confidence and style. These swim shorts will move seamlessly with your body. Style them with a bucket hat and flip flops for the ultimate holiday vibe. Add a cross-body beach bag to keep your valuables close. Is it getting chilly? Stay warm with a windbreaker or hoodie. Calvin Klein swim shorts. For men who can’t sit still.

Do you wear boxers under swimming shorts?

It’s not recommended to wear boxers under swimming shorts, as they’re not designed to be worn in water and can become heavy and uncomfortable when wet. Instead, it’s recommended to wear swim briefs, trunks, or other swimwear designed for wearing in the water.

Are board shorts for swimming?

Yes, board shorts are designed for swimming and other water activities. They’re made from quick-drying materials, feature a comfortable fit, and offer a range of movement. This makes them a popular choice for surfing, paddleboarding, and other water sports.