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Men's Nightwear

Relax in style with Calvin Klein’s collection of men’s pyjamas, nightwear and loungewear. Premium materials. Breezy styles. Comfortable cuts. Your casual look has never been sexier. Enjoy lasting comfort in any position. Wear a pair of clean-cut pyjama shorts with a lightweight cotton t-shirt in summer. Match long pyjama bottoms with a warm hoodie in winter. Or craft your iconic CK look with just a pair of boxer shorts underneath a dressing gown. Shop iconic men’s underwear to complete your look. CK men’s nightwear and sleepwear. Get ready to relax and recharge.

Is cotton good for nightwear?

Cotton is a good material for nightwear as it is breathable, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. It also absorbs moisture well, making it a good choice for those who sweat during the night.

How to fold your pyjamas

To fold your pyjamas, start by laying them flat on a surface with the front facing down. Next, fold one side of the pyjamas in towards the center, then fold the other side on top, so that the two sides overlap slightly. Finally, fold the bottom of the pyjamas up towards the top and then fold the top down to create a neat square shape.